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Creative Movement
Movement preparation for ballet training, including basic motor skills taught through imaginative activities (age 3).
Similar to Creative Movement with an introduction to basic ballet skills. (age 4)
Combination Classes: Elementary Ballet & Jazz
Age appropriate dance activities in ballet, with an introduction of tap or jazz, within a one hour class period.
Ballet/Tap (age 5–8) and Ballet/Jazz (age 7–8)
Ballet I–III
Continuing progression of ballet skills necessary for intermediate dance studies. More serious study beginning in Levels IA/IB with a requirement of twice weekly classes
(age 8–11).
Ballet IV–VI
Three classes per week recommended and introduction of pointe with proper technique and strength building.
Pointe & Variations
Starting around age eleven and upon instructor’s approval.

Other Dance Forms

Fun dance style that relies heavily on originality and improvisation to jazz music, using bold dramatic body movements and rhythmic patterns (age 7 and up).
Always popular and fun, this upbeat, fast-paced form is unbeatable for coordination and rhythm.
Hip Hop
An exciting and energetic style of dance driven by cultural and musical influences. Fast, hard-hitting movement that can include popping, locking, krumping, breaking, and tricks (age 7 and up).
An amalgamation of movement styles derived from modern, post-modern, ballet and jazz, fused into a method that can take on many stylistic forms including dance fusion, emergent dance, lyrical, contemporary ballet, etc.
Fast-pace class for upper levels, emphasizing quick retention of various styles of dance and performance quality needed for professional work.